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Mr. Yasuo Tanaka's speech at the Opening Ceremony
 for the Special Olympics World Games
Speech to the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
Declaration of "No More Dams"
Declaration of Departure from the Press Club System
Declaration of the Karuizawa Method for Condominiums
Declaration of the Karuizawa Townscape Method
Speech Addressed to Foreign Correspondents

Address of the
Nagano Prefectural Government 692-2 Habashita Minaminagano Nagano City , 380-8570 Japan

Phone 026-232-0111

Citizen Guide
Newcomers' Guidebook for English(PDF:3,556KB/38page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Chinese(PDF:4,583KB/36page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Portuguese(PDF:3,161KB/36page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Tagalog(PDF:3,202KB/36page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Indonesian(PDF:3,926KB/37page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Thai(PDF:4,156KB/37page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Spanish(PDF:3,491KB/40page)
Newcomers' Guidebook for Japanese(PDF:3,104KB/34page)
Medical Questionnaire for English(PDF:1,362KB/52page)
Medical Questionnaire for Chinese(PDF:4,214KB/50page)
Medical Questionnaire For Thai(PDF:2,377KB/50page)
Social Education Facilities
Nagano Prefectural Library
Nagano Prefectural Culture Hall
Nagano Prefectural Matsumoto Culture Hall
Nagano Prefectural Ina Culture Hall
Nagano Prefectural Iida Sozo-kan Creativity Center
Nagano Prefectural Saku Sozo-kan Creativity Center
Shinano Art Museum
Higashiyama Kaii Gallery
Nagano Prefectual Museum of History(link)
Sister City
Matsumoto Airport

Industrial Data
Corporation Guide
Technology Research Institutes

Prefectural Introduction
Prefectural Song
Prefectural Symbol
Know the Prefecture
Shinshu Picture Book
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